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We are Acquisition Agency, the Essex and London based digital marketing gurus that will elevate your online presence to new heights. Our tried and tested SEO and PPC strategies work cohesively with our bold branding techniques, pushing our clients to the very forefront of the web.

We generate inquisitive leads by refining genuine content, syncing every touch together with your core brand voice.

Focusing on a variety of techniques designed to work harmoniously alongside one another, we have the ability to completely revamp our clients’ marketing strategies. Specialising in local and international SEO and PPC, lead generation, customer acquisition and brand development, we deliver the full package of transformative digital marketing expertise

Acquisition Agency

At Acquisition Agency, we’ve spent years perfecting the online presence of brands. We help our clientele evolve within an ever-changing digital world.

Our attitudes towards branding, content and digital strategy go above and beyond expectations, as we ensure some of the UK’s biggest upcoming brands are skyrocketing towards success.

Based in Essex and London, we specialise in both local and international SEO and PPC services for lead generation, customer acquisition and brand development. Whether you’re looking for the full digital marketing package, or just a taster of what we can do – we’re here to enlighten you with our digital dexterity.

Local SEO

We can uplift your content by injecting our local SEO expertise, ensuring you rank highest in search engines for your particular area. Want to target specific locations, acquiring customers from your local area? This is where to start, with Acquisition Agency.

National SEO

Having worked within national digital marketing industries for years, we’ve certainly learned a few tricks or two. We can take your national SEO efforts to the next level, working with extensive keyword research that will bring location-based customers your way.

International SEO

With digitalisation comes internationalisation, where businesses have to compete with various brands around the world. Not an easy market to conquer, but it’s certainly one we can help you succeed within. At Acquisition Agency, we take great pride in our ability to appeal to specific markets.

Experts in What We Do

Acquisition Agency is an Essex and London based digital agency that specialises in Local and International SEO and PPC Services for lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand development.


We’ll make your experience with digital marketing easy. Leave your goals with us, and we’ll take care of the rest, while enhancing customer experience as we do so.


We use specialist digital marketing software in order to configure, record and evaluate exactly how our transformations are working for you.

Monthly Reports

At Acquisition Agency, we believe transparency is key. Using this clever software, we generate monthly reports so you can take a look back on what we’re achieving.

Building relationships with companies

Here at Acquisition Agency, we believe that there is power in unity, especially with everything going on at the moment. That’s why we’ve partnered with businesses to share trade in times of needs.

Arrange a Remote Consultation

Every enquiry we receive at Acquisition Agency is important to us. If you'd like to discuss what our digital marketing strategies can do for your brand, contact us here. If your enquiry is urgent, please call the office on 01206 615 010

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