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The company policy for each business makes up the foundation of the way the workforce operates.

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Making Company Policies Simple

The company policy for each business makes up the foundation of the way the workforce operates. No matter where your company is at right now, your employees will likely appreciate a set explanation of what is expected of them, and what they can expect from you. Company policies are a two-way street, as you and your managerial teams will also benefit from having a printed set of guidelines to follow when necessary.

Alongside the necessary workplace policies, there are other crucial guidelines and explanations that you need to set out for other parties. These include employee policies and customer privacy policies.

Not sure where to start? We’ve made it easy for you. We offer our company policy creation services to all clients, as detailed below.

Coronavirus Workplace Policy

Every company is obligated to keep the workforce informed with current events and the changes to policy that these situations may bring.

In case of the Coronavirus, there are a number of elements to consider incorporating within your company policy guidelines. This can get confusing, as legislation surrounding the virus is constantly changing. You may also need to make some temporary alterations to pre-existing policies so that staff can keep up with what’s going on. Consider updating your usual sick pay or sick leave policy to reflect more compassionate allowances regarding Coronavirus illnesses or self-isolating regulations. You should also account for changes to the usual way everyday life in the workplace is conducted, such as making considerations for additional computer or desk space provisions.

Due to the limitations that the pandemic has had on most workplaces, the following should be incorporated into your company Coronavirus policy:

  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Work from home requirements
  • Self-isolation pay and leave
  • PPI provisions

To keep employees updated, create your free Coronavirus workplace policy with us now – just get in touch. We’ll ensure all content is updated throughout the remaining course of the pandemic, as we know new rules are being implemented on a regular basis.

Company Staff Handbook

Essentially the golden rulebook for your employees, a staff handbook is something every company needs. It outlines all about your company, your ethos, mission, and goals; as well as how employees are expected to behave in alignment with these key company philosophies.

We find that growing companies often face the struggle of keeping on top of close and consistent communication across the entire workforce. As you acquire new employees and your business expands, it only makes sense that you would opt for a simpler option: the staff handbook.

We’ve developed a staff handbook that covers over 40 key policies related to the contemporary workforce. What’s more, it can be quickly generated, and policies can be tailored to suit your specific expectations within just minutes. Here’s what our staff handbook includes:

  • Company Benefits
  • Parental Leave
  • Code of Conduct
  • Sickness Pay
  • Holiday Allocation
  • Training and Development
  • Ethics
  • Disciplinary Procedures

Employee Privacy Policy

Treating all employees as equals is a key cornerstone of all businesses. The small things really do matter when it comes to looking after the workforce, so your employee privacy policy reassures everyone that they’re treated fairly no matter the circumstances. Look after your workforce, and they’ll look after you.

Company Website Policy

The one that goes on your website, every company that’s gone live in a digital space needs a company website policy. This should detail exactly what you do as a company, as well as a few other legal requirements. You need to cover how your customers’ data is used or handled, otherwise you may face legal repercussions.

To avoid the legal hassle, we provide our own company website policy. Simple to draft and easy to put into place, we’ve ensured it doesn’t compromise on any of the small details you might otherwise forget to include.

Our Bespoke Company Policies Package

All our policies as described above are available exclusively as part of our Company Policies Package. Here’s the level of quality we offer with each policy:

  • Tailored to Your Business Model
  • Marketing & Third Party Policies Included
  • Entirely GDPR Compliant, with Data Collection Commitments
  • Easy to Refine and Update
  • Integrated Help Text & Wizard

Business Contract Support

We work with a large number of policy experts who specialise in company policy writing.

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