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Business Contract Support

Contracts can be a key element of running a business operation, we have a legion of business contract lawyers who are able to help you with your business contract support.

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Business Contract Support

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) regularly deal with business contracts. These are legally binding documents signed by two parties, stating that you will both abide to the terms and conditions outlined within the contract.

Contracts can be a key element of running a business operation, as many transactions that you’ll undertake throughout the course of running a business will involve complicated contracts between yourself and a variety of other companies.

Here, we’ll go over some of the professional advice we have to offer regarding business contracts.

The Importance of Checking Business Contracts

Checking over any contract is an essential move if you want to avoid potential issues arising later down the line. As contracts are legally binding, it’s easy for those less equipped with legal knowledge to sign off on unfavourable conditions that can end up being significantly detrimental to business.

We know it can be difficult to navigate the many complexities associated with checking over any contract. Business contracts add yet another level of intricacy, as SMEs risk a great deal when any contract is devised in an unfair manner. Many have found themselves in avoidable situations, due to failing to correctly review a contract before signing. We know this is easily done. Dealing with a great amount of unfamiliar information, as is included within many contracts, is no easy feat.

Fully understanding the conditions within some contracts can require an in-depth knowledge of legal systems and contract law. So, how do SMEs ensure the contracts they’re signing or drafting are both suitable and legally compliant?

Our Legal Contract Checking Service

There is an easier way to determine whether the contract you’re signing underlines an agreement that’s fair to both parties. The best way is to have a professional lawyer check everything over.

Alternatively, legal services are great when it comes to drafting contracts yourself from scratch. Lawyers come equipped with a range of legal templates for contracts, as well as the experience necessary to produce clear, definite legal terms. Our trained lawyers can help ensure you get everything right for everyone involved.

Our dedicated lawyers will examine your contract. They will certify that the contract:

  • Clears up any grey areas, confusing language or terms
  • Follows all current legislation
  • Is compliant with regulations, such as GDPR
  • Does not make you unfairly liable for things, such as occurrences you have no control over
  • Outlines the specific agreements you have made with the other party, and that they are well understood
  • Does not ignore your rights
  • Is fair to both sides signing the contract
  • Clearly outlines your responsibilities in signing

No more worrying about lengthy contracts that are either too confusing, or cumbersome, to wade through. We can support with all types of contracts:

Supply of Service Contracts

Make sure services and trades are completed fairly, on time and without dispute

Software Development Contracts

Check you’re not left unable to use your own software, and that contracts work in your favour

Consultancy Agreement & IR35

Employ contractors to work fairly alongside your business, and ensure consultancy services are assured

Software License Agreements

Make sure you have the licensed rights you need to use useful software for your company

Shareholder Agreements

Making mutually beneficial contracts for both shareholders and businesses

Confidentiality & NDAs

Check that confidential data surrounding your company is legally safeguarded

Employment Contracts

Ensure your workforce is treat well, with clearly defined clauses and benefits throughout the contract

On & Offline Terms of Service

Infuse clarity into your terms, and keep them updated as contemporary legislation changes regularly

Business Contract Support

We work with a legion of contract lawers who specialise in safeguarding your assets.

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