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At Acquisition Agency, we loved helping Office Workspace with their vision – whatever it may be. We have many longstanding clients that we’ve worked with from the very beginning of their business..

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Search Engine Optimisation

Website Design

Office Workspace needed a partner that understood their need for their website, and their search engine optimisation requirements.

We have been working with Office Workspace since February 2018. Working with Kyle, Selwyn, Jared, Tim and the team has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to a great relationship in the future!

Introduction to Office Workspace

Office Workspace are an office design, fit out, refurbishment and workplace consultancy company, offering innovative space-saving solutions that have reformed office interior design ideals throughout their local area.

Designing Office Workspace’s Intuitive Website

What’s a brand without a website? We utilised Office Workspace’s new sleek branding designs, and gave it a space to shine. We developed a forward-thinking website that supported their overall look, complementing the bold elements throughout.

Achieving More with Local SEO Domination

Local businesses can generate leads with ease with bespoke local SEO strategies. We did just this for Office Workspace, ensuring their local SEO efforts were led towards where they work; throughout London and Essex. We worked on securing the clients closest to them, with great success.

We have worked with Office Workspace right from the very beginning of their business journey. From the seed of their initial idea, we built up their vision and led them towards becoming the sleek, bold brand they are today. Alongside working on finetuning their branding elements, we also transformed their online presence. We’ve managed to raise Office Workspace, from a blank page to an intriguing website that we have elevated all the way to the first page on Google.

Here’s where it all started.

Designing Office Workspace’s Intuitive Website

Of course, to go alongside Office Workspace’s new branding, we needed to build them a website. We know all about user experience and how it actually helps with SEO purposes, too. Utilising our years of digital marketing and design experience, we curated a bespoke website design for Office Workspace that can grow with them as their business moves from strength to strength.

  • Interactive designs incorporated within the Office Workspace website really help the bold design elements come to life. As you scroll through the page, we’ve made the website an interactive experience, with new insights appearing as you browse.
  • Supporting the cohesive brand image was something we did exceptionally well with the Office Workspace brand website. The black and white shades provided contrast throughout the whole space, while light and bold typography and logo styling adds brand impact.

Elevating the Brand with Informative SEO Content

Once the Office Workspace website was up and running, our task as their selected digital marketing agency was to plump it out with content. No brand looks reputable without a website brimming with content.

  • Strategically selected keywords were chosen when we first began working with Office Workspace. This has ensured Office Workspace have achieved their goals in becoming one of the top ranking brands.
  • We select how our team’s strengths complement each brand we work with carefully. Utilising the strengths of informed SEO writers that keep up to date with industry developments has been extremely powerful in elevating Office Workspace to where they are today.
  • Top ranking pillar posts as we briefly mentioned above, are outstanding ways to link all our content together. We scoured office refurbishment competitors and news articles to pinpoint exactly which pillar posts would benefit the Office Workspace SEO strategy.

How we Developed Office Workspace’s Industry Specific Content

In creating a successful digital marketing strategy for any brand, it’s imperative that we understand the industry they’re based within. Office Workspace are based within the B2B market; as in, they sell their services and products from their business, to another business client.

Ensuring we understand everything about our client’s industry has enabled us to develop content that isn’t just there for SEO purposes – but really pulls the reader in. How do we do this?

  • A consistent, relatable tone of voice for the brand has been our focus from the beginning with Office Workspace. We make potential leads feel at ease, with informative yet relaxed content. We work to keep all our SEO content consistently developed with the same familiar voice. This prompts readers to become more comfortable with the brand.

    We achieve this by having the same digital marketing writers consistently work on all Office Workspace SEO blog posts and copy.

  • Industry related posts really helped us bring Office Workspace to the first page of Google. We have developed well-informed content for their Office Workspace blog by working with SEO copywriters that have a strong background in creative design. For Office Workspace, we have looked deep into the office interior design, fit out and refurbishment industry, picking out relevant news items that have sparked change in terms of how they work.

    Releasing informative industry posts really entices their B2B consumers, generating leads as we build up their SEO presence.

  • Top ranking pillar posts as we briefly mentioned above, are outstanding ways to link all our content together. We scoured office refurbishment competitors and news articles to pinpoint exactly which pillar posts would benefit the Office Workspace SEO strategy.

At Acquisition Agency, we continue to work with Office Workspace as their digital marketing partner. We’ve achieved impressive results, having built their digital vision from the ground up, and we continue to do so today.

Leading you towards optimal conversion rates

Conversion rates are at the heart of digital marketing strategy, though many agencies often overlook their power. At Acquisition Agency, we keep conversion rates at the core of all we do, so that not a single opportunity is missed.

Local SEO & Focus Keywords

Office Workspace were aiming to enhance their visibility within both their local area of Essex and London, as well as within their specific industry. At Acquisition Agency, we ran with these two objectives, ensuring we met our clients’ goals. We managed to have Office Workspace ranking within the top 3 listings for their specific industry related keywords, a great achievement for the company. We did this while incorporating improved local SEO strategies, too.

75% Of People Don’t Scroll to Page Two!

Consider how you use Google on a daily basis. Can’t remember the last time you scrolled onto page 2? That’s because a huge 75% of people don’t scroll that far. SEO works so that you can access exactly what you’re looking for on the very first page, without having to rummage through what you don’t need. SEO works to benefit both the brand that’s doing things right, and the consumer, too. We know how to make it work.

Position #1 to #3 Is The Most Valuable

The top 3 positions on any search engine are the ones you see immediately, without having to take the effort in scrolling down the page. It’s highly likely that many people searching for questions will find what they need within these 3 top listings. So, that’s why we work on getting you into those top 3 positions. Be the first thing a lead sees when they search your top keywords, with Acquisition Agency.

Connecting companies with resilient relationships

Throughout the growth of our brand, we have found that there is power in unity. We’d like to share this ethos with you, our clients. As your brand journey expands, we will connect you with others that will help you grow, too.

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