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In an age where the average person uses a search engine 4 times each day, brands must implement tried and tested strategies that amplify their voices on the world’s digital stage.

We are an SEO agency helping businesses break the mould.

To those who haven’t heard of it, “SEO” sounds like some strange acronym that means nothing. However, to us, SEO is everything. At Acquisition Agency, we harness the power of SEO in order to take your brand to new heights (literally).

As a company, we believe in full transparency and communication with our clients. We’re not hiding any secrets with this. Here’s how we get our clients right to the top of Google by using our SEO tactics and expertise.

What is SEO?

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves the careful combination of a number of strategies that you need to get just perfect in order to work. At Acquisition Agency, we’re the pros in doing just that. To explain what SEO is, we’ll need to dive into a few of the strategies and ethos behind them.

The phrase, to “Google” something, is now shockingly ubiquitous in meaning one thing – to search for something online. The digital world and its expansion have meant that search engines, particularly those most frequently used such as Google, have proliferated our everyday lives to such an extent.

In refining digital marketing strategies, SEO is now one of the core ways we grow businesses and help them reach number one on those search engines. We use carefully placed ‘keywords’ within our content, as we write our way to the top.

As SEO whizzes, we build up networks of SEO boosting systems for your brand.

SEO works behind the scenes in a multitude of ways, efficiently boosting your brand’s success. You don’t technically see the majority of what we do as SEO specialists, unless you dig deep into your website. The parts you do get to see, however, involve the thrill of watching your business grow as we work our magic.
Of course, you don’t have to take care of the tricky parts. We’re here to do all the hard work. No fuss, no hassle. We keep all our SEO clients updated with our in-depth monthly insights and reports, so they can find satisfaction in viewing exactly what we’re doing to boost business. With us, you have the opportunity to completely renovate your digital marketing approach.

Reaching the top of Google is where every brand aspires to be. At Acquisition Agency, we have a proven track record of achieving this. Our multitude of case studies with various brands in several industries have verified our expertise in managing SEO strategies across the board.

Consider the last time you even clicked your way to page 2 of a search engine. It’s likely you can’t even think of an example, as we usually find exactly what we need within the first few links. This is because everything about search engines is perfectly designed to help you, the user. Search engines are clever, in ensuring the content you’re looking for is right there, easy to access on the front page. So, there’s no need to waste time by clicking through useless content.

Acquisition Agency understands all the specific ins and outs of how these search machines are engineered and works with you to provide quality SEO services. We utilise this knowledge to your benefit, so you reach page one and generate leads.

We have a wide range of SEO specialists and SEO consultants who are experienced and ready to work on your project. We have a knack for hitting first page, which is what has helped us as an SEO agency to bring in clients, you can find more information about our clients here.

At Acquisition Agency, we implement successful SEO by curating the perfect balance between genuine content and strategic keyword use. It’s the careful combination of these strategies that lead to effective lead generation.

If you’re visiting the first page linked at the top of a search engine, you want to find answers for what you’re looking for, not a jumbled mess of meaningless words. While keywords are at the heart of successful SEO, search engines have learned that some brands were trying to cheat the system by keyword stuffing.

Developing the perfect SEO strategy is therefore a constant battle between balance and innovation. Search engines are continuously altering their criteria for reaching page one, and we have the task of fulfilling these ever-changing criteria with great content. We use SEO to generate leads with intriguing content, keywords and authenticity. You can too, with our expertise.

Increase Your Rankings On Google With Off Page SEO

Let Customers Come To You With Local Maps SEO

Rank In Your Desired Countries With Ease

Acquisition Agency does something different with your website and SEO. We’re all about user experience, not just statistics and numbers.

SEO isn’t just about the content. It’s about user experience, too. Why are certain search engines so much more successful than others? Some simply work better than others. They’re designed to provide users with easy answers and solutions, right from the very first click.

If the first option on Google takes you to a page that’s full of useless jargon and confusing navigation system, you’re likely to look elsewhere to find what you need. Nobody likes to have to do the work to acquire information, especially as it’s so readily available.

SEO helps the user by placing information where it’s easily received – and search engines reward this, by upping the ranks. We can get you there.

We’re known for helping our clients gain authority, as they climb the ranks on search engines. We’ll build your brand from the ground up, or simply enhance your reputation, as we transform your brand image with our superior SEO strategies.

SEO helps you gain authority, as the higher you list on Google, the more reputable your brand is considered to be. Building the ideal brand is all about reputation, as potential consumers will judge you from the very minute they come across your website.

Don’t let them think you’re behind the curve, or simply not worth their time. Gain authority with our outstanding SEO capabilities. Elevate your brand; ensure your entire SEO strategy is carefully engineered in order to drive sales. You won’t look back.

At Acquisition Agency, we use a careful combination of SEO, web design and branding to drive conversions. Leading you towards brand success, we’ll implement an SEO strategy like you’ve never seen before.

Great SEO helps drive conversions and generate sales. There’s no use in perfecting your SEO and reaching page one, if no sales are made as a result.

Website traffic looks great as a statistic or on a graph, but it doesn’t always directly lead to sales. While numbers are useful, we don’t solely use them as a marker for our success as we work with our clients. We want to generate tangible sales for you, not just meaningless figures on a page.

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Don’t just look good on the surface. Our content generates actual conversions.

You might have a sleek website – but what’s the use in that if it doesn’t generate sales? Looking good is the superficial part; we’ll help you go deeper than that with relatable content. We go the extra mile, in order to ensure our clients are actually making money.

Mix of High DA/PR Backlinks

Our backlinks combine a mixture of domain authority and PR backlinks, enhancing your brand’s reputability while pushing your name up through the ranks on Google.

We have been compiling a list of premium High Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow backlinks that we use for our clients.

Unique Content for Every Backlink

We take the time to craft individualised content for each of our backlinks. We’re not about superficiality. No content, no backlink!

We use content systems, writers and more to make sure that your backlink content is more than interesting!

Indexing Gurus

We make sure the backlinks we build make it to Google with our unique ‘indexification’ methods. Using methods that we have worked on for years, it allows us to increase the efficiency and indexability of our backlinks.

Off Page SEO Specialists

SEO isn’t just working its powers on the page. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, too. We’re the pros at refining these on and off page SEO efforts in order to enhance success and visibility.

There is a lot of work that goes into making a website rank, such as the on page, authority backlinks and how they are placed on the search engines.

Tiered Ranking Structures

Backlinks work within a pyramid-like structure, an intricately formed web of high authority links and content. We make sure all backlinks weave their way up to your site at the top –that’s where the income comes in. We seo consultants work together to create a network of performing backlinks to help you drive traffic and conversions.

Our Active SEO Blog Resources

As we’d feel like we’d be hiding a huge secret without sharing our SEO knowledge with you, we’re here to give you some insight as to how it all works. How can you utilise the intricacies of SEO to your own advantage, while your own brand climbs its way up to the top of Google? We’re here to discuss. Take a peek at our Acquisition Agency SEO blog resources for some of the best insights in the industry.

Connecting companies with resilient relationships

Throughout the growth of our brand, we have found that there is power in unity. We’d like to share this ethos with you, our clients. As your brand journey expands, we will connect you with others that will help you grow, too.

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