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The Benefits of National SEO

In this article we delve into the benefits of and advantages of scaling your business with National SEO strategies.

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National SEO techniques have plenty of advantages. These advantages become even more prominent as we consider the increasing number of brands recognising the benefits of SEO in general. As global understanding of SEO grows, more and more brands are fighting for space in trying to “win” over search engines. The first prize in this competition for SEO success? Being listed on the first page of Google.

It’s a worthwhile battle, and not one that many will achieve. One way to make sure you’re ranking higher than your competitors is to take full advantage of national SEO strategies. But first, we’ll get back to the basics. Let’s discuss the key points surrounding what SEO is, before we look
into national SEO. We’ll go on to discuss what national SEO is, how it could improve your business, and how you can enhance your national SEO approach with digital marketing.

Back to Basics: What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s a key term used by digital marketing specialists, as it’s one of the primary ways they stimulate the growth of websites (and therefore the businesses behind them). The aim of search engine optimisation is to encourage the movement of websites up through the ranks, as they work their way right up to the front page of popular search engines such as Google. SEO involves using techniques such as keywords, backlinking, enhancing meta descriptions and analysing data.

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard a lot. Whether you’re just discovering more about the digital marketing world, or if you’re a seasoned pro… The popularity of using SEO techniques is growing exponentially, as an increasing number of brands realise how to optimise their websites efficiently. As the use of SEO grows, digital marketing gurus are beginning to tailor their SEO services further, in order to target more relevant customers for each particular business. This involves implementing more specific techniques, like national SEO.

What is National SEO?

So, the term SEO refers to optimising your website on a general basis; pushing its visibility so that anyone who searches your keyword will hopefully find their way to your site. Using SEO in such a general way isn’t always very tactful. This is why the experts have begun to work on SEO by enhancing locational factors, too.

Local SEO is where you build keywords based on your specific location, such as your town or city. An example of building local SEO techniques would be to use precise location specific keywords in your website content, such as “SEO Colchester.” Even more hyper local SEO key phrases are often used with great results, if you’re only wishing to target a small area.

So, on the flip side, national SEO is where you aim to target a larger area, or whole country in your SEO efforts. National SEO can be advantageous for larger scale brands, who have branches in a number of cities, for example. You could make a specific list of keywords for each of the national cities you have a physical store in, such as “SEO London” or “SEO Essex”. This will help you reach those London and Essex based leads, if you use these keywords successfully and consistently.

If you’re based online, using national SEO helps you reach a broader audience with your keywords, by appealing to the whole of the nation. Perhaps you can go even further with international SEO. The only issue with broadening your locational SEO is to consider whether it’s practical for you. If you can only offer your service or product in one specific area, it’s best to dedicate your SEO techniques to focusing on that area – before you manage to build up your business!

Why is National SEO so Beneficial?

As more people are using SEO to encourage the visibility of their websites, it makes sense to ask a few questions about the how things are changing. For example, questions about the future viability of search engine optimisation strategies may have popped into mind.

Is the use of SEO techniques becoming over-saturated? Will the level of SEO complexity required in order to rank highly increase competition, as brands fight to push themselves forward to front page ranking for their specific keywords? Put simply, the answer is yes.

As more businesses are utilising search engine optimisation, or hiring digital marketing agencies to do this for them, competition is increasing. Here’s all about how you can use national SEO strategies in your favour.

  • Using more national SEO could help you overcome local competitors. Many SEO experts are over localising their approaches to this digital marketing tactic. In fact, limiting your favoured keywords to very particular local areas could mean you miss out on acquiring a potential customer.

    For example, an SEO agency based in Essex might prioritise the phrase “SEO London” as a keyword over “SEO Essex,” as the number of people who search for SEO London may be higher. This could improve the chances of overcoming different competitors within your specific area.

  • Use national keywords throughout your site and content. Keeping on track with the specific SEO keywords that are trending for your products or services, particularly within your industry on a national level, can really boost your national SEO performance.

    Find these keywords and use them to develop a strong content strategy. Inserting your national keywords as you build upon blog posts over time can ensure you’re keeping on track with your national SEO techniques!

  • Enhance brand visibility and national awarenessIf you’re strategizing your SEO techniques to appeal to your whole national area, you’re likely to reach a much larger audience than if you were to only target local areas. Targeting local areas can be beneficial if you’d like to amass customers around you; but you may miss out on the larger field of potential leads.

Improving Your SEO with Local and National SEO by Acquisition Agency

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We’re a talented digital marketing agency with an experienced background in developing successful search engine optimisation strategies for our growing number of clients, on both national, local and international levels.

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