The Benefits of Directory Listings

In this article we delve into the benefits of directory listings and its correlation with Search Engine Optimisation.

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In understanding the ins and outs of SEO (search engine optimisation) and how it works, it’s important to recognise that SEO doesn’t involve just one easy process. Instead, building up a great SEO strategy involves putting a multitude of carefully thought-out processes into action.

Some of the more well-known SEO processes are often more frequently discusses. These are processes such as implementing the use of top keywords throughout your website and blog posts, and improving meta descriptions.

While these are all extremely efficient ways to boost your SEO techniques, there are a few more behind the scenes strategies that can really make a difference. One of these strategies is to have your website placed on directory listings.

What are Backlinks?

The terms ‘backlinks’ and ‘backlinking’ are used within the SEO industry to describe how we generate networks of links between your website and others.

When search engines such as Google and Bing are prioritising which websites to list first as users type in key terms, they use a number of criteria. One key factor depends on the perceived level of authority that each website has.

For example, a website that has no external connections seems to be lacking in reputability. This is because they haven’t built up any connections, or backlinks. They seem to be a simple, standalone website.

Connecting to external websites by using hyperlinks is extremely beneficial. Even offering alternative options to those who are browsing your product or service can boost SEO efforts. Doing this proves to search engines that you are genuinely interested in trying to solve the searchers’ problem or issue. That’s exactly what Google are looking for!

Backlinking isn’t just a one-way street. SEO backlinking should work both ways in order to be fully beneficial. The external websites you’re backlinking to can see the visitor traffic brought to their site from yours. These websites you’re linking to may therefore choose to link back to your website. This builds backlinks that work both ways.

What are Directory Listings?

Directory listings offer the service of listing a wide variety of websites for potential leads (customers) to visit.

One well known national directory listing that was previously sent out to homes in the UK is the Yellow Pages. Many of you will be familiar with the arduous process of searching through the big yellow book in order to find a business or contact details of a friend!

So, before the internet was used on a widespread basis, directory listings were actually sent out in physical paper form. Instead of listing websites, they mainly listed telephone numbers, names and addresses.

How Directory Listings Have Evolved into Digital Form

Now, we have the amazing benefit of online directory listings. We no longer have to hunt through that big yellow book in order to call a business or find their address. The Yellow Pages have now evolved into Yelp, the online version of their household name directory necessity.

Today, these online directory listings mean that potential leads have the power to find and visit business websites with just one click. In getting your businesses’ name out there, it’s crucial that you harness the opportunities brought about by these digital directory listings.

How Directory Listings and Backlinks can Boost your SEO Power

Backlinking and directory listings can be used to boost your SEO advantages and opportunities. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Diversify your backlinking portfolio. Linking to a range of websites that offer all the services and products you could possibly imagine, there are many directories you can convince to backlink to your website. Making sure your website is listed on a wide variety of these various directories means you’ll reach a broader audience.
  • Gain exposure on a local SEO level. Directory listings have a great deal of advantage when it comes to improving your local SEO efforts. Many people searching to shop or find a service within local areas will often find themselves looking at a directory list of websites to browse from.
  • Enjoy cost-effective backlinking solutions. Directory listing backlinking is a relatively affordable SEO strategy. It can be costly to pay for backlinks from high authority websites, and even competitors. However, directory listing websites are designed for the purpose of backlinking and helping out searchers. So, the cost of backlinking with directories is often lower than other methods.
  • Build up your business website’s authority. In the eyes of the consumer, your website becomes more trustworthy when it’s spotted via a directory listing. From an SEO viewpoint, your website’s authority and trust is boosted due to the number of relevant backlinks you have built up. A double bonus!
  • Generate leads within your specific industry. All businesses are trying to target the very specific customer that requires their product or service. Directory listings are often used by customers looking for products in very niche industries. Ensuring you’re building backlinks and featuring on these niche directory listings enhances your visibility for that very specific lead.

Achieve Respectable Directory Listings with Acquisition Agency

Digital marketing agencies are the experts in building directory listings and effective backlinks. SEO isn’t just a one stop service. The complexity of some of the behind the scenes work that goes on becomes a bit of a struggle for those who aren’t fully experienced within the industry.

At Acquisition Agency, we have great connections with some leading local and internationally based directory listing services. This allows us to create solid networks of backlinks for our clients, that work behind the scenes in directing leads to your website.

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Throughout the growth of our brand, we have found that there is power in unity. We’d like to share this ethos with you, our clients. As your brand journey expands, we will connect you with others that will help you grow, too.

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