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The Disadvantages of Artificial Content within SEO

In this article we delve into the benefits of PPC, SEO and the comparisons between the two illustrious acronyms you’ve heard so much about.

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Artificial SEO is one of the latest ways that some agencies are trying to fast track the process into reaching top pages on search engines. It’s an intriguing idea. But it’s one of those fad marketing tricks labelled as ‘future-thinking’. In reality, artificial content for SEO will have a negative impact on your digital marketing success. In this article, we’ll discuss why artificial SEO content can actually harm your business.

An Overview: General Search Engine Optimisation in Digital Marketing

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is now one of the leading ways that digital marketing pros help push websites forward to the top of Google. In developing a well thought out content strategy for your brand, SEO is absolutely crucial to consider.

With the use of highly ranking keywords based on your target audiences’ search preferences, SEO means your content can be developed in ways that reach your customers with ease. The use of each keyword helps launch your website forward to become a top-ranking brand on search engines and social media outlets.

What Is Artificial Content for SEO?

As digital marketing experts are constantly developing new SEO content for clients and businesses across the globe, some are trying to cheat the system. Of course, we all like to figure out easier ways of working. But sometimes, this isn’t what’s beneficial to our efforts.

Artificial content for SEO can be developed in a number of ways. There are now a few artificial content generators out there that we’ve noticed brands have been using. We notice which businesses are using these artificial content generators, every time!

The generators essentially take leading keywords, and format them into content. They do this by trying to work with key phrases, injecting them into sentences. Many times, these keywords are used in ways that don’t make sense at all.

Why Artificial Content for SEO is Bad for Business

  • Artificial SEO Content Alienates Authentic Customers As your business grows, you’re likely to acquire some repeat customers. These repeat customers are the ones that trust your brand, having found your product or service to be extremely useful in the past. They relate to your content, finding it useful and interesting to browse. If they begin to notice that you’re cutting corners with web content, you run the risk of losing these long-standing customers.
  • Artificial SEO Content Doesn’t Make Sense While AI has improved over the years, it has to constantly catch up with humans and how we interact along the way. We always notice where artificial content has been used for SEO. Your customers will notice too, and this will have a negative impact on your reputation.
  • Use of Artificial SEO Content Suggests Lack of Care Without taking the time to write content that matters, you’re implying that you don’t care about what goes into your website. You may have paid for the artificial content to be developed; however, visitors will likely find it useless.
  • Spam Content Is Useless As we use the internet every day, spam can be found everywhere. One of the last things you want to associate your online business presence with is spam! The use of spammy, artificial SEO content is clogging up search engine algorithms. As a leading digital marketing agency, we want to help avoid the deterioration of SEO rankings at all costs.
  • Genuine, Human Search Engine Optimisation Content is Always Better Content that includes that natural human touch is always the way forward. Don’t alienate your readers and potential customers. Nobody wants to read something generated by AI!

The Benefits of Genuine SEO Content in Digital Marketing

After looking into the many disadvantages of including artificial content within your SEO strategy. we’ll now take a peek at the many benefits of genuine SEO content. Genuine search engine optimisation content has been at the forefront of boosting up and coming businesses right to the top of Google for years. The age-old adage works here: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

  • Promote your business to the top of Google. Google is used worldwide for an array of reasons. Reaching the top via SEO means you’re maximising brand exposure, lead generation and potential for sales.
  • Enhance Business Reputability If you invest in the expert writers that can deliver quality content based on your industry, it shows you know what you’re doing as a business. Business reputation is essential in building up a sound digital marketing and search engine optimisation strategy. Some brands are learning this the hard way, by filling their websites with useless artificial SEO content!
  • Genuine Lead GenerationWe know AI content simply won’t deliver the necessary content required to truly captivate your audience. It might fulfil the SEO checklists, of course. But this is done in a very rigid way, without considering the tone of voice usually used for your brand. The way you communicate with your audience is key to developing a strong relationship with them. Don’t lose this with artificial search engine optimisation content!
  • Artificial SEO Content Won’t Link to Your Brand Lead generation is essential within SEO approaches. Each lead (or web visitor that’s clicked through due to successful SEO) is a potential customer for your business. If someone visits your website from a search engine, only to see … Any potential profit from that customer simply disappears, and they’ll move on to take a look at your competitors.
  • Genuine Content Actually Helps the ConsumerHuman-led guides that are practically described will help your audience. Being told what to do by what is essentially a robot, can come with a multitude of mistakes…

Developing Captivating Content with Acquisition Agency

After reading this article, you’ll hopefully understand a bit more about why filling up your website with artificial content is a bad move for your digital marketing strategy. Want to work with an experienced SEO content developer that creates content that matters? Try Acquisition Agency.

We work closely with all our clients in order to fully understand their content requirements. Our writers look into industry specific topics, developing interesting articles while also linking everything back to those vital industry keywords. Visit the contact us page today, to see what we can do for your business – without all the artificiality!

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