Utilising Google Local – The Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimising your website to rank in Google Local search results and direct traffic to your business. It can be challenging to find where to start with SEO locally, but this blog post will show you the benefits of utilising Google Local for your business!

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Local SEO is the process of optimising your website to rank in Google Local search results and direct traffic to your business. It can be challenging to find where to start with SEO locally, but this blog post will show you the benefits of utilising Google Local for your business!

When a possible new client is searching online for your type of business, they will often look at the first few Local listings on their screen before clicking on one of the more enticing result links – If you do not appear in these listings, then it could be costing you money!

Optimising your Local SEO can help increase conversion rates by improving your ranking and, more importantly…increasing visibility to potential new clients/customers. Utilising Google’s tools such as My Business & Maps can also make it easier for users to find out where you are located and vital information about opening times, services, and any recent postings you’ve created on your Google listings.

It is imperative that you make sure all of your information on Google is up to date. Correct information will help Google place you higher. There is also nothing worse than a client being given incorrect contact information when trying to contact you and your company.

Everyone knows that the first few seconds of any core interaction are the most important.

Here are a few undeniably valuable benefits of Google Local SEO

  • Increased relevant and local website traffic
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • Higher search rankings within Google Local Listings
  • Building authority and respect online
  • Saving you money on Ads by being higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Now that you understand that Google Local SEO is a valuable marketing strategy for your business, you may be wondering how you can increase your Local SEO Google Rankings… Follow these steps, and they will help you to increase your listing placement in Google.

Here are a few key points that we will outline for you:


Register your business listings on every leading site possible – there are many sites available almost anywhere online… Google can reliably check that this information is correct, not just by sending a verification letter to your address but also by cross-referencing with other directory websites on the internet.

Map Embed Backlinks

Although Off-page SEO is often viewed as dark art, it doesn’t always have to be scary! You can find backlink sources online, and all you need to do is post about your business, provide a URL and publish a Google Maps Embed Widget.

Having on-page SEO is just part of the puzzle; a safe and robust backlink portfolio of local map embeds a great way to push Google in the right direction and appear higher than your competitors online.

Don’t Scattergun On-Page Local SEO

At Acquisition Agency, we have seen many clients post who operate under multi-location place their Local SEO contact information on one page for multiple locations.


It is better to build various pages such as:




Having your content on a unique page allows you to place your location-specific content on this page and helps Google display your website design (or any other niche) to the potential customers in the correct location.

Reviews Can Be Valuable Local SEO Indicators

Reviews are a staple of any brand and can help massively within SEO.

When your customers review your business, make sure they input the location that they received their services/ items/ whatever form – as this will help increase your local SEO and help push you up in the areas you are relevant and authoritative for.

Double Check Your Information Every Three Months / Keep A Spreadsheet

Local Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just a once-a-month job; it becomes a lifelong effort to increase your rankings as your competitors are rising to do the same.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by posting incorrect information.

Keep a log (in spreadsheet form) of all your directory listings/ citation listings online that you have made, with the login credentials, and check it every few months to make sure everything is up to date; this will save your customers much hassle if they are interested in purchasing any of your services/ products.

Don’t Be Scared of The NEWS!

One of the essential guidelines of On-Page SEO is to link out to authority links to help boost page rankings; some of the best ways are to mention Local news or changes in the local article. We created an article about how COVID-19 impacted Colchester business, which has been received quite well – often with comments, link backs, and inbound leads.

It shot straight to page one for everything we needed and has become a strong competitor for people trying to outrank us for that keyword list.


Sometimes, local SEO can be complicated. A lot of time is spent making sure your business information across the web is correct, but it’s worth every minute if you are trying to increase conversions.

As a digital marketing agency, we are doing our best to provide clients with the best service possible; we are trying to position ourselves as teachers and always looking for helpful feedback on our articles, resources, webinars, or guides post online.

If you have any questions about Local SEO or want more help with optimising your Local listing, please get in touch! We’ve been helping local businesses grow for years, so we would love to hear from you.

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